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CIE Tutorial and Practical Workshop on LED Lamp and Luminaire Testing to CIE S 025

May 08 – 11, 2017, METAS Bern-Wabern, Switzerland



In 2015 CIE published CIE S 025, the first international measurement standard for LED lamps, LED luminaires and LED modules ( This standard provides requirements to perform reproducible and traceable photometric and colorimetric measurements on LED lamps, LED modules, and LED luminaires. To facilitate an introduction to the application and use of the new Standard, CIE Division 2 is organizing a tutorial and practical workshop.

The focus of the tutorial is the implementation of the new international measurement standard in industrial test laboratories and national metrology institutes. The practical workshop will be held in the optics laboratories of the National Metrology Institute of Switzerland (METAS). State-of-the-art measurement equipment including several goniophotometers, integrating spheres, spectroradiometers and tuneable lasers are available for practical demonstration. In addition to the tutorial and practical workshop, meetings of CIE Technical Committees will be held and the results of two European research projects related to photometry and radiometry, i.e. MESaIL ( and PhotoLED will be presented.



Mon, May 8, 2017 afternoon: Introduction, Theory

Tue, May 9 and Wed, May 10, 2017: Practical Work in the Laboratories of METAS

Thu, May 11, 2017: morning: Recap, Discussion and Conclusions

Thu, May 11, 2017: afternoon: Workshop on MESaIL and PhotoLED (free of charge)


CIE Division 2 Technical Committees could meet on Friday or in parallel to the Tutorial.




Further information to come.


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